Communiqué  – ELNET statement on the recent establishment of the new Israeli government

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Vendredi 6 Janvier 2023

The European Leadership Network (ELNET) congratulates Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the new Israeli government and wishes them success in the international arena.

As a non-governmental and independent organization dedicated to strengthening relations between Israel and Europe, ELNET looks forward to continuing to bring together European and Israeli political leaders to foster and enhance these relations based on shared democratic values and common interests.

Israel’s relations with Europe are critical and must be strengthened.

The European Union is Israel’s main partner in trade, science, and research. Great Britain and France are veto-wielding permanent members at the UN Security Council. Their respective fleets play a key role in both the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. Germany is a critical supplier of the Israeli Navy. The relationships between Israel and these countries are pivotal for maintaining stability in the region.

Moreover, the war in Ukraine has spurred European countries to increase their defense capacities, which opens new opportunities for cooperation with Israel. The war has also precipitated an energy and food crisis in Europe. Israel, together with the growing number of Arab countries that have normalized their relations with Israel, can help address this need.

At the same time, Iran’s brutal internal repression, transfer of attack drones to Russia, regional aggression, and increasing nuclear violations require a united and vigorous response by like-minded countries.

Israel’s commitment to Western unity and democratic principles remains integral to its international standing and ability to secure its main strategic interests. It is in the foremost interest of Europe and Israel to nurture and expand their relations based on these shared objectives

Larry Hochberg                                       David Siegel
Chairman & Co-Founder                       President