Israel is Europe’s third largest trading partner in the Middle East and its economic performance is among the strongest in the OECD. Israel is also a major political and security actor in the Middle East and Mediterranean basin. As a result, Europe and Israel share important strategic objectives, including combating terrorism and extremism, fostering stability, regional cooperation, and peace. The cooperation with Europe is vast and includes areas, such as cyber security, counter-terrorism, agriculture, water and food security, and innovation. The discovery of gas in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea opened further opportunities for cooperation.

Scientific collaboration is a fundamental component of the bilateral relations. Both Israeli and European academic institutions rank yearly among the most innovative worldwide. With high rates of R&D funding and a record number of start-ups, Israel is a central hub for global science and innovation. The scientific cooperation contributed to breakthroughs in research in multiple sectors, from smart irrigation, through child tumors and robotics. 

Europe and Israel share fundamental values and strategic interests and benefit from robust economic relations despite political differences. ELNET’s mission and programs serve to enhance mutual understanding of these common values and interests. 

ELNET in Israel

ELNET’s Israeli office serves as a central hub in the network, facilitating delegations and dialogues in cooperation with ELNET’s European affiliates and Friends of ELNET in the US. The Israeli office is also responsible for developing strong relationships with Israeli decision-makers, research institutes, businesses and civil society leaders. Under the leadership of an international board and led by Director Shai Bazak, a former Israeli diplomat, ELNET-Israel fosters Israeli-Europe ties, while educating the Israeli policymakers about the importance of strengthening relations with Europe. 


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Shai Bazak

Chief Executive Officer, ELNET-Israel
Shai Bazak brings 25 years of experience as an Israeli diplomat and expert on international affairs in both government and the private sector. Early in his career, he was media director and spokesperson for opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu and later during his first term as Prime Minister of Israel. He was then appointed Israel’s Consul General in Miami, with responsibility for Florida and Puerto Rico, and subsequently Israel’s Consul General in Boston, were he was the senior representative in the Northeast. Bazak later served as the Head of Mission of the Jewish National Fund in London to the UK, Scotland, and Ireland.

Omri Attar

Chief Operations/Financial Officer, ELNET-Israel, ELNET-Israel
Omri Attar acted as Chief Operations Officer at ELNET in 2016-19 and Chief of International Staff in 2015-16. He is the founder of the Europe Forum, a leading thinking group of organizations based in Europe and Israel, and former Chief Spokesperson of the IDC Herzliya Student Union. He has a broad background in project management within non-profit organizations and NGOs. He holds an MA in Knowledge-based Policy, Educational, Social and Public Leadership, a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, and a Certificate of Third-Sector Management studies, as well as additional certification of Negotiation studies from Harvard Law School.

Yossi Abravanel

Deputy Executive Director, ELNET-Israel
Yossi Abravanel is a former entrepreneur in the fields of telecom and homeland security in Israel and beyond, with extensive experience in work vis-à-vis governments in West Africa and Israel, and as a Jewish Agency’s Aliyah representative in Paris. He holds an MBA from the University of Sorbonne and a BA from Jerusalem Collage of Technology.

Benjamin Touati

Deputy Executive Director, ELNET-Israel
Benjamin Touati is a former representative of the Jewish Agency in Paris, political advisor of Israeli ministers and director in national institutions, including World Mizrahi Movement, with vast experience in project management in public and non-governmental sectors. He holds an MBA from the Jerusalem College of Technology and a BA in History from Paris University.

Ilanit Greenwald

Senior Research and Communications Manager, ELNET-Israel
Ilanit Greenwald has a broad background in national security, foreign policy, and international law. She formerly worked at Israel's Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority at the Ministry of Justice. Prior to that she worked at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli National Security Council, and the Israeli National Situation Room. She holds an LL.M. in International and Public Law from Hebrew University, an LL.B. from Bar Ilan Law School, and is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.

Shani Aharon-Busin

Office & Administrative Manager, ELNET-Israel
Shani Aharon Busin previously served as the Head of Head of Office to Israeli Ambassador to France and as an Administrative Director in El Al Israel Airlines station in Paris. She holds an LL. B from the College of Management Academic Studies and is a certified (non-practicing) Lawyer, by the Israel Bar Association.

Yasmin Burk

Account Manager, ELNET-Israel
Yasmin Burk is an accounting professional with experience in management and accounting in private and non-governmental sectors. She studies accounting and economics at the Open University in Tel Aviv.

Jill Wyler

GINSUM Program Coordinator, ELNET-Israel
Jill Wyler held various professional positions in Israel and was until recently the Israel representative of a Washington based independent academic organization which focused on enhancing knowledge about modern Israel at universities in the United States and around the world. At ELNET she works for the German Israeli Network of Startups & Mittelstand (GINSUM), as the Program Coordinator at the Israel office. Jill has a master's degree in International Relations, with a focus on diplomacy and foreign policy, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem